With a tigrillo in Iquitos.
With a tigrillo in Iquitos.

I am an English freelance writer, backpacker and — after a fair amount of time traveling in South America — an expat living in Peru.

It all began a couple of years after finishing my English literature degree at the University of Sussex. I went to Brazil in search of a not-quite-so-long-lost uncle and a bunch of Brazilian cousins I’d never met. That encounter occurred in São Paulo, after which I took off on a six-month solo trip around Brazil.

I went back to the UK but soon returned to South America for a one-year solo backpacking trip from the southern tip of Argentina (way down in chilly Ushuaia) to the north coast of sunny Colombia.

Half way through that trip, I fell in love with Peru.

In 2009, I went back to Peru indefinitely. I set up my base of operations in the high jungle town of Tarapoto and began my career as a freelance writer, specializing in all things Peru. And that’s where you’ll find me today, unless I’m on the road exploring some other part of Peru.

Freelancer Writing Career

My freelance writing career began in 2009 and has covered everything from Peruvian history to food and drink to all of the wonderful (and sometimes baffling) cultural quirks of this great country. But my main focus is on travel and tourism within Peru.

I was the Peru Travel Expert for About.com from 2011 to 2016, where I published hundreds of articles ranging from budget backpacking tips to luxury hotel reviews. I’ve also written for websites such as VICE, Paste Magazine and the Latin Kitchen, and the tourism industry travel guide, Travel42.

I created the popular Peru travel site, HowtoPeru.com, in 2010, which I sold in 2016. I then created my new site, New Peruvian, which went live in March 2017.

You can see my latest published work on the homepage of this portfolio website and a more complete list of my work on my travel writing examples page.